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Gay = Stoner ??

In Gay, Human Rights, I, Just the Music Please..., Marijuana, Music, Rights on July 13, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Should marijuana (Cannabis) be legalised on the basis of the Indian government finally recognising the right of an individual to choose their own lifestyle? I don’t think so. Or at least, that’s not why.  However, if you’re broad-minded enough to follow your own curiosity, and are either a parent/ a patient of clinical disease/ or just a person who CARES ABOUT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, do read on.

There is a new community up on Facebook aiming towards the legalisation of Marijuana/ganja/charas/hash/bhang/hemp in India.

Barely a month old, this Facebook group had upwards of 700 members as of when I posted this first blog, (or is it blogged this first post? whatever, I’m new to this)

I must admit, my first reaction was; “Fuck! Now a bunch of stoners are riding on the wave of the Gay/Bi community’s hard-earned victory over an antiquated British law that literally said: you just are NOT

Now, please don’t presume that the missing ‘dot’, or “full-stop” at the end of the last paragraph was a typo. It was not, it was deliberate because I think that best explains just how tyrannical “377” was. Try to imagine your parents, siblings, friends and co-workers ALL making you feel like you were unworthy, of love, pride, status and respect. As if you were,




…and to top it all off, have even the government get involved in your persecution and officially label you a “Criminal” ??

While I can’t claim to be either gay or bisexual, I have and do (more regularly than frequently) smoke pot,  and I do know that feeling the way “Article 377”  made anyone from the GLBT (LGBT/BTGL/GBLT/TLBG… whatever, TMKC!) community feel, would make me feel like Shit! And that is why I am truly happy that India has decriminalised and accepted even “homosexual” love, as love. Pure and simple. And I guess that is what makes me intrinsically happy about the whole thing, as a human being.

Which is why hearing about a bunch of kids from the ” Yuppy, internet/Tv-reared Generation” on Facebook wanting to ride this wave of reform to decriminalise Drugs pissed me off!

The Gay community, the NAZ Foundation and countless others, had fought an 8-year battle, against a 150-year old colonially-enforced law, to gain their victory. Now a bunch of Potheads with chillums and joints were going to march down Janpath, smoking charas and ganja hand-in-hand with a bunch of Sadhus claiming the right to smoke..  WTF??

But (excuse my grammar, Hitler), that’s when the similarity struck me –  they too. just wanted to just Be.

“Should pot-smokers be decriminalised?”

A glance though their page on Facebook only served to reinforce my initial disappointment. The childish quibbling amongst the members and even the administrators (who seemed unable to decide even on what to call it !?) The name of the group changed from “Legalise Marijuana in India”, to” Legalise Ganja in India”, then back to “Legalise Marijuana in India”, “Legalise Cannabis (Marijuana) in India”, until finally. all three administrators of the account reached on a conclusion to call it “Legalise Cannabis (aka Marijuana) in India”.

Until I came across a post (actually, a comment on the main discussion thread) by one of the creators, which claimed that:

  • Marijuana had Medicinal Value.
  • Marijuana had Traditional Use in India (which could be invoked on the government’s ‘sly’ permission of legal sale and consumption of Cannabis around Holi).
  • Marijuana was SAFER than alcohol and tobacco!

Now this last point is what got me thinking.  Do they really believe that ganja/charas/marijuana/bhang/weed or “dope* (which I learned was a term used by all illegal drug users, be it marijuana, heroin, opium, crack, and even cocaine or alcohol users. At one point-of-time or another, even amongst alcoholics!) was a BETTER solution?

Interestingly though, while “dope” is a generic term usually used for drugs that require rehab, yet despite centuries of use, there doesn’t seem to be a requirement for even one Cannabis-related rehabilitation centre in the entire world!

Wikisearching the medicinal aspects of Marijuana seems at least initially,  to be positively conclusive. Traditionally, I found that even the Rig Veda (which apparently sings ballads to ‘Soma’ – an intoxicating drink that may/may not have been cannabis-based – and the Ayur Veda (which does still use Cannabis preparations in a lot of its ancient remedies) do praise the plant.

Well then, should I let a bunch of people who appreciate the fact that this plant gets them high… and claim it to be a better “drug” than most, shake me off from trying to understand why this plant might just be a beneficial medicine in the current human condition?

What do you think?

Please do leave a comment if you think you have an Intelligent opinion on the matter.

I’ll write again soon, I do have a lot more I’d like to talk about besides just drugs and homosexuality   🙂

…Music being one; here’s a link to a song (amongst many others) that inspired this mood: Tamacun


  1. So, the brilliance emerges from under the shell, where it hid for years despite (or, perhaps, because) it was urged out… Brilliant stuff. Waiting for more stuff on music–which, along with gayness (?!?) and ganja, is your forte! ;p

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