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Men DON’T ask for directions…

In Humour, Life, Men, Sex, Women on July 15, 2009 at 7:49 am

Most women would agree; based on the popularity of the infamous “Men don’t ask for directions” joke.

It’s true. And it’s because Men don’t like asking too many questions. We always think we know better. Only some of us really do, but we’d rather keep on going than actually have to ask someone for directions.

Well, the truth is, we’re not actually afraid of asking for directions; it’s actually an ego thing.

When we look for someone to ask directions from, we’d rather look for an older person (most people do let their ego-guard down around the elderly), or a child (no ego-threat there), or better still… a Woman 🙂

A woman would be ideal (to ask directions from, of course), because it’s a double-whammy; we get to look at something nice, and get directions at the same time – and obviously there’s no ego involved because we ALWAYS know better than you. Just that in this particular situation; you seem to be from around here, so you might know the area better.

Think about it ladies, how many times has a guy started a “conversation” with:

“Are you from around here?”  or “Excuse me, but do you know where…?”



Since some of my posts do (and will continue to do so) include MY OWN OPINIONS on the differences between the sexes and OTHER CONTROVERTIAL subjects; I would like to include a permanent addendumdum-didum:

I am an egoistic, chauvinistic, fat-headed MAN with strong opinions. They might seem like over-generalisation at times, and I readily admit to that. How else would they turn out be true (to some degree or the other) of everyone, without factoring in some degree of variance?

  1. mr. fat-headed MAN, i do agree with what you’ve written here but i almost never ask anyone for directions because i have google maps on my iphone =P

    • And you live your entire life 200 years (at least in terms of technology) ahead of everyone else on this planet…
      and you’re a naturally better musician than me.
      …and you were born an artist!

      … ‘n I wasn’t 😦

  2. HAHAHA!!! You’re hilarious! I love to read about a man’s take on asking for directions, it’s always so funny the way in which men will explain their approach. I love it! Keep writing!

    Meanwhile, come to our new blog and check out our discussion of this very issue!

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    She said: http://whayta09.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/dagny-men-and-directions/
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