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All this newfangled, so-called “Music”!!

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is actually pretty good…

I realise with each passing year now, that the kid I was at 18 (which is when I lost my Dad and everyone around felt the need to point out that I should now “…grow up and be the Man!”), might well consider the guy I’ve turned out to be seriously uncool.

Eg: I was recently told that I needed, and then just sat there sulking while I was forcibly given a haircut (!?!) By a lady who for all intents and purposes is like my own mother, but still…

If you don’t immediately get why that would make me so regressively “retrospectional,” (my own word apparently, or so says MS), then go ahead… some day, once you’re past 30 years of age, let your Mommy actually go through with it, and cut your hair whenever she “mentions” that you might need one.

Let’s see how “cool” you still feel after the experience… Imagine God giving you your virginity back on your first day in college. Publicly declaring it to have been an even more unsatisfactory celebration (or sacrifice) than you would ever want to admit.

I was still grumbling and muttering about this incident a few days later, when someone looking to make unwanted conversation casually asked, “So, what’re you listening to these days?”

My playlist these days has some tracks by Sting, a little DMB, some Extreme, Bob Marley and as of more recently, something or the other by John Mayer too.

…(I’m also catching up on some Del Amitri. This track in particular and no, it’s not ‘Roll to Me’)

That’s when I found a couple of songs that seemed to be in oddly heavy rotation. ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder (Whatta’ grooove!), and this classic by Golden Earring (you’ve probably heard it too, but, like me, can’t remember where…)

Wtf !?

hang on a second…  Isn’t this all – Dad’s music !!

Even more damning evidence that I might be close to losing my mojo/coolness factor, might lay in the fact that I’ve even started preferring playing the acoustic, to my ever-favoured electric guitar.

Even right down to the kind of music I find myself playing on the guitar. Recently, I find myself more often than not drawn to music that I feel able to translate into arrangements for strumming and singing along.


Now, it’s not like my “Axe” was a toy I quickly grew weary of after having thrown endless tantrums for.

did play it.

Incessantly even.

Practiced endlessly and read up on everything I could. From books, guitar magazines and even this interweb thingy…

..with time though, I became increasingly aware of the fact that I wasn’t ever going to be even nearly as good as the guys who were my own guitar heroes at the time:

  • Mahesh Tinaikar …remember this? …or the guitar solo in this track?
  • Gautam Chima (Every Mother’s Nightmare, Orange Street, N.O.E.S.)
  • …and the only “teacher” towards whom I have ever shown any sort of respect; Saibal Basu.

However, along with this sad recognition and acceptance of my own limitations, came a somewhat uneasy peace as well. I had finally accepted that I would just be a student, for life.

As it turned out, a very positive side-effect of this lesson in humility was that it helped me settle very comfortably into my career as a music promoter.

Over the years, I would get to hear a lot of people say to me:

“Hey! you organise ‘Rock-shows’?…(as all concerts which weren’t otherwise identified as “Western Music Competitions”, were once known in Delhi) “…what a COOL job to have!!”

I’d always reply with a (little-too) smug and happy, “Thank you,”…or an even smugger, “Yeah, I know!”

Thing is though; what I loved most about my job, was that I got to hang out with the people I admired the most.

I also always had the best seat in every venue. Which was… well, pretty much anywhere I wanted to be   😛

Usually though, you’d find me either in the ‘pit’, right in front of the barricades, or in the wings, or at side-of-stage; from where I could WATCH and OBSERVE some of the best musicians in the country performing live.

For instance, I remember once getting to watch Shawn Lane (RIP) performing something that was closer to magic than music on his guitar, from not 3-feet away(!) at a particular G.I.R in Delhi.

(…nearly started a race-riot too at that one!  but that’s a story for another post..)

Getting back to the point; what I’ve learnt over the years from a vast number of musicians is this:

Music is way too diverse and flexible to ever be accurately tagged.

Even to one genre. A ‘genre’ of music, is nothing but a word or two which may (or may not) trigger a memory of some particular style of music. Nothing more!

I can bet almost with certainty, that for any broad-based “genre” you could name, the first song that comes to mind for me, for you, and for a third person would be totally different.

Classifications like “New-Age” and “New Wave of…” therefore; are made by people either too immature, or too old to adapt.

Music just is what it is. In order for it to feel complete, it always stays fluid, it evolves and it changes… be it from note-to-note, chord-to-chord, or from “genre” to ”genre”. Fact is, it CHANGES…

Shouldn’t you?

So, bring on the Fangle, I say !! 😀

Here’s some of the “Newfangled” stuff I’ve heard recently that I know you’ll…

Enjvaai !!


Mark Silverman (aka That 1 Guy) playing the “magic pipe/harp/flute”

Yes that is a real instrument and he IS singing and playing everything at the same time.

watch him doing it LIVE .

Rythms del Mundo‘s reworking of:

U2’s ‘Still Haven’t Found….”

‘Fragile’ (Sting)

… and 2 more Latin-style remixes of

‘Clocks’ (Coldplay)


‘She Will be Loved’ (Maroon 5)


*I’d like to take a moment here and point out something that might initially be mistaken for hypocrisy on my part –

As a result of having this larger take on music in general, I’ve developed an avid aversion to things that are especially defined to be even more rigid (!) and squeezed into one so-called “genre”. Such as:

  • ‘Acid-Jazz’
  • ‘Trip-Hop’
  • ‘Ska’ (which I know is actually a blend of several different styles of music, but I still don’t like it, ok?)

However, my own personal pet-peeve is…Death-Metal !!!

(growling vocals that don’t seem to want to be understood, zombies and hyperactives seemingly working together to create chaos onstage…)

Yes, yes… I know… Bring it on…

“You’re just gettin’ Old”



The same things I’d often said to Dad (and ‘of’ almost every one of my bosses) at some time or another. So what is it then? Am I getting old?


F@*# you!  🙂

..all it proves, is that I have Better-Taste-in-Music.

  1. Now, I feel kind-o stupid. You said I was the one that inspired (pushed?) you to write. So then, I am somehow responsible for unleashing your genius onto the world, right? And so my genius-rating has slipped a notch, right? So, why did I inspire/push you, again?
    🙂 Lovely post, baba. And I find your opinion on advertising very well put down.

  2. of course you are. need you ask?!

    • and just how many months younger (or older) are you than me MM?
      …with your own well-know fondness for death metal…

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