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An Exercise in Linguistic Flexibility and Colloquialisms:

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First Word: “Gray”

(the colour)

Second word:

“Market” (a gathering of traders)

…and dee Final Word izzz:

“SHOE !”


General reaction in the audience =


‘Come again?’,

‘… seems to have lost it, doesn’t he?’

..Yesh, yeshbut…


Repeat these 3 words together (if you can), really Fast. again and again

(you know, something like that “she sells sea shells…” thing)




Gray.. Marketshoe !!!

Now practice this lil’ tongue exercise* (for linguistic proficiency, of course), until you can say it with the fluency of a sneeze!

Try it on every Sardar you’re fortunate enough to meet in your lives.

Or – if you don’t like me very much – at a convention of hard-headed Indian fundamentalists from anywhere in the world.

– You learn something new Every Day!


*Especially if you’re a white guy who finds himself getting into a cab with a turbanned-Indian driver, at JFK, or Heathrow, or … heck, probably even the moon by now…

  1. hain? does seem to have lost it…
    grey marketeer? did i get it?

    *rushes off for a cup of coffee to clear brain after sleepless night*

  2. Yes you did get it, you lil’ “angel” you


  3. I STILL havent got it you know

  4. 🙂 Ok

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