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The EVIL that is… Vegetarianism !!!

In Bullshit, Ego, Human Rights, Humour, I, India, Life, Men, Rights, Things that Piss Me Off !, Women, You on August 14, 2009 at 2:22 am

Ok, let me sort through my audience right here and say DO NOT BOTHER READING THIS if you are:

  • An absolutely “carnivore-tolerant”-vegetarian-by-choice…
  • A person lacking a sense of humour (tolerance/understanding/intelligence.. whatever)

…if not


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  1. The “original” Moussaka recipe does contain meat..hah!

    • So does the diet of the “original” human…
      you just missed the point completely, didn’t you?

  2. oh no. does this mean i will devolve into a monkey? can i roam around with a red naked butt, swing singing o o o o oye pancho, and do day job of picking lice? please don’t ape me.

  3. Good point but then why the hell does it taste so nasty!!

    • @bxter09 – My guess would be that the people around you aren’t cooking it well enough 😀

      Seriously though… you’ve never liked the taste of any meat?

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