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Contemporary Indian Music

In Just the Music Please..., Life, Men, Music on August 21, 2009 at 7:02 am

…can be as sneaky as the oft-touted Indian rope trick, or as attractive an idea as the Kama Sutra…

This is Ashhar (TeddyBoyKill) and Samrat Bhardwaj; two friends (?) I’ve gained from my career (?!?) as a music promoter.

They’re also two of the most radical Indians I’d put forth as the face of Modern Indian Music...

… or this video for the same song.

the guy who sang that last song – Vishal Dadlani… (and you know the really cool thing about this dude?

… he actually steps off the stage and lets YOU shout into the mic every now and then, giving a random mosher his own “Rockstar Moment” at a gig)

…is the Voice of new Indians everywhere…

Watch Out Muh’Fukkaa’ !!!

  1. uss din milvaya kyun nahi?

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