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Now where the Hell is that Valium…

In Bullshit, Humour, I, India, Just the Music Please..., Life, Medicine, Men, New Delhi, New Delhi, India, Women, Wordplay, You on September 1, 2009 at 7:33 am

I hasn’t slept in eleventysix hours now…

(that’s approximately three days and nights in your Earth time, human)

Whole buckets of beer and umm… ‘ciggarettes’ *THAT* big! – Manali gaye ho? – haven’t been able to put me down yet,

And I’m STILL Friggin’ WIRED !!!


Random Song(s) For The Day

AndyMcKee – ‘Drifting’

Vaaairry Switt, no?…

that style of guitar playing is called “acoustic fingerstyle” and was pioneered by guys like Preston Reed (Watch him playing ‘Ladies Night’ down below…)

I really got into and started studying up on it about a year or so ago…

Now bas, class phinnissssss.

Chal Phut.

  1. these guys are awesome…
    considering ur taste music i think u’d like this chick Kaki King…dunno if u’ve already heard of her but i think she’s pretty aweosme

    that’s one of her songs…
    and the next link is a pretty cool performance by her during one of the TEDtalks

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