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An Open Letter to All Pakistanis…

In Human Rights, I, India, Life, Men, Things that Piss Me Off !, You on September 3, 2009 at 12:44 pm

But dedicated (for the most part) to this guy:

Rana Sanaullah Khan; Minister of Law for Punjab “dishtrict” in Pakistan


“Thank You!

For being the most “honest bureaucrat” I’ve heard from in recent times…

(In fact, more so than most of the politicians in my own country)

DON’T EVER “Bow down before India”…

“I” (as an Indian) do not want you to…

If Hafiz Saeed is seen as Robin Hood in your country, I know there must be a damn good reason for it.

Because the people around him are Pissed-Off!

I don’t (and honestly, Can’t… I am just another nobody) condemn him for the murders he’s committed…

But PLEASE let it go now!

We’re NOT that bloody different!

It only takes me a drive out of any of the metros in my own country to realise that a lot of villages/towns/and yes, even cities, are named after Muslims… and just how many people I encounter along the way are Muslim too…

And they All treat me like a human being.

I also have friends who’ve been to Pakistan and they’ve all reported being treated like kings while they were there.

Our governments are fucked-up, we don’t have to be!


Please !!!

  1. Hey, 100% right! A wise man recognises “our governments are fucked up, we don’t need to be…”

  2. Here’s my two bits on the matter; I live in Dubai and most of the times it doesn’t even feel like I’m ‘abroad’, except for the infrastructure being very different, what I do like is the fact that I’ve made friends with people from all over the world. Here’s the part I really like, I’ve made friends with people from Pakistan and we are essentially the same, we even agree our bureaucrats are the idiots in this situation (and most others). I like Dubai because it lets me be friends with these people and my records are not checked regularly because my friends are Pakistani. If my Pakistani friends want to come visit me, they don’t need to regularly report to a nearby designated police station just to prove to some paranoid fuck out there that they aren’t there to kill me.
    I love that I met a girl who looks just like me from across the border… so how different are we?

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