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The EVIL That Is…. Vegetarianism (Part 2)

In Life on September 7, 2009 at 3:18 pm

Note: This follow-up was inspired by the people who voiced their dissent at my last post on the subject (online and offline)

“Thank You!”

Please Read This Post for Part 1:

The EVIL That is… Vegetarianism!


Yes, I am aware that there are alternate sources of protein in the world besides meat… but there just Aren’t enough nuts in the world to feed those who need them. Maybe there could be, one day, but not yet.

As for dairy; is it really any less cruel than eating meat? Do you realise how many male calves are killed or abandoned in the industry just cos’ they won’t produce milk and we’ve moved past the need for bullock carts?


However, there are enough stray, abandoned cows walking the roads of my country to feed whole villages for months on end. Yet, we also have enough farmers here (who try to grow grains, rice and pulses) starving their families and taking their own lives in guilt and despair, to make me question the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

I Am NOT a heartless, animal-hating callous bastard. In fact, I have 3 dogs I picked up off the streets and raised them so beautifully that noone seems to believe them to be mongrels/strays, whatever…
“They’re Chowdharys”, I say, whenever someone asks me, “What breeds are they?” (like it fucking matters !!!)

I LOVE animals. But I don’t think being an animal-lover & a meat-eater is contrary to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the inhumane practices in use by the corporates in selling their meat (I buy mine from butchers who “slaughter” chickens to order, and find it ironic that just by adding an “s” in front of it, the word laughter becomes so evil…), and I’m glad that there are organisations like PETA out there preventing, or at least protesting against them.

But answer me this…

Should I stop buying the 10 kilos (’bout 22 lbs) of beef that I need to feed my 3 dogs every week? Should I try and convert them to a diet of nuts, berries and leafy greens and ignore the fact that they’d grow up less nourished than they should be?

… Or the fact that I-AM-AN-OMNIVORE through sheer genetics?

These posts of mine were inspired by a ‘vegangelist’ who tried to convert me at the dinner table. I tried to make myself clear right at the start of my first rant by excluding those readers who have no problem co-existing….

We (as humans) have become squeamish about eating meat ever since the “free market economy” kicked in and we didn’t need to go out hunting for it anymore. NOT because we’ve outgrown the need for it in our lives.

I LIKE being 6-feet tall, and smarter than the species around me. I also respect ALL life for what it is; dependant on each other.

Can you really tell me that plants don’t feel pain just because they don’t squeal, squawk, bleat or moo?!? (I’ve seen trees grow AROUND lampposts and people walk into them!)…

That however, is going to be a topic for another post


Or ask any farmer, who’s spent months rearing those plants in your salad, whether he thinks plants can feel pain. You’d be surprised at his reply.

(3-4 harvests of “life” a year?!? How cruel is that???)

I also know that in the countries where meat DOES play a bigger role in the diet, (as opposed to India), the people grow up fitter, stronger and larger.

Why do women – even those who’ve been vegetarian all their lives – start craving meat during pregnancies?

It’s because their bodies and brains have to resort to genetic intelligence to tell them that it’s Essential!

I too MIGHT stop eating meat at some point, but it’ll be because my teeth gave up on me, not because of any sense of shame, guilt or lack of testicular fortitude about the lives it’s expended.

  1. Eek. People trying to convert you into a vegetarian is sad. Spoken by an ex-vegetarian who didn’t care what people ate unless no one made her eat it. Now of course, I fight people for that leg piece 😛

  2. Anshuman Chowdhary, I am not going to comment on your angry rants against vegetarians, no matter how well they are worded. And Divya, I was the one who tried (and failed).
    But, hey, Mr C, at least you’re evoking/provoking a reaction–which, some would argue, is the reason we write. “Any publicity is good publicity”, anyone?

    • “I am not going to comment on your angry rants against vegetarians, no matter how well …”

      you just did shweety

  3. Hey to every vegetarian his/her own. I totally get vegetarians and will never rant like this guy here. I’m still pure veg often with several of my friends. Just that let people eat what they want to.

  4. Chicken is my favourite vegetable..

    • @ Abhishek – Dude, I’ll stand by you in any bar-fight against ‘lauki’ and Tofu wielding vegans, bur honestly…
      I’m slightly more tolerant than you

  5. Waah…Tussi kamal da writing karde ho….Bhai waah… maza aa gaya….

    • @ anu-mantra – Thank you for the “kamaal da writing” line…
      Even though the “Waahbhaiwah-bhaiwah-bhaiwah” does make me sniff for sarcasm in the air

      • 😉 Arre yaar, I keep on saying that the air is gettng polluted day by day…Now see U started sniffing foul. It was genuine BTW. hahaha… But I really am impressed with ur wit as much as with ur “Kammal da writing” …. Carry on friend…

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