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Castles in the Sand…

In Life on September 17, 2009 at 5:50 pm

… or statues in the sea,
are all the same to me,
Speak up!
Use your ‘Voice’,*
and change the Bombay that I see.

Even though I left “Mumbai” a couple of years ago, the city did leave its’ mark on my heart…
and I really DON’T want the sense of being connected to something bigger than myself, marred by the sight of a bloody statue when I look out from Marine Drive, or Bandra, Versova or any other part of ever-growing Bombay.

It’s a fucking waste of money!

Just to make a few Maharashtrians feel like they “belong” more than the others who’ve made the city what it is ???

(and to garner a few more local votes in the next election)

The Rs.350 crore (approximately US $7o million) could be better spent on:

• Redigging the drains in the city to ensure that the city isn’t brought to a standstill with every monsoon.
• Educating the children living in the slums all over the city (whose parents run the taxis, three-wheelers, factories and the other nitty-gritties that keep the city on its feet)
• Or a campaign which aims at eradicating the insular attitude faced by “outsiders” (be they Hindus/Muslims or anyone else who comes there trying to make a break for themselves in the city)

Am I making any sense? If so, then Go Here:

and just type out your name and email id. You Will be making a difference!

Wanna’ do more?

Then go here:

and let a few of your friends who share some common sense with you know about it too.


  1. awesome. how did you find smallchange? off i go

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