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The Year That Wasn’t

In Life on November 16, 2011 at 9:00 pm

I don’t know what triggered it off…..

A desire to just vanish. To see what was on the other side, or maybe, just not have to see how I was living.

So I started drinking more, smoking more, and re-started my love for midnight bike rides….. YESYUS, I know, not the wisest of decisions, but then, that’s me.

So, since December last year I have:

Burnt my right calf ( to 2nd and 3rd degrees) on the silencer on my bike.
Torn the toe of my left foot off in a sand spill.
Become a recluse.
Dislocated my shoulder when I got sideswiped by an overladen tempo….
Broke my arm requiring three platinum screws and 3 weeeks in the hospital.

Have been back home for three weeks now and healing well (xxx), but more importantly, have started feeling the healing powers of music again.

So, ironically, and without further ado: