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A Note on (to) God…

It should come as no surprise that I’m Agnostic (Look it up. I can’t be bothered explaining it to you, and no… it is not the same thing as an atheist!). Yet somehow, even this harmless non-commitment of mine to any one particular faith, sometimes seems to irk people…

When in fact, my own honest curiosity into the different belief systems I encounter, stems from my warped-yet-begrudging respect for the discipline they entail; regardless of the degree of flexibility permitted.

There just are some rules in all of them… and rules shouldn’t be broken.

But if you do end up breaking the rules; then say sorry.

If you can’t apologise to the affected party in person (for whatever reason; murder, rape, crusade-related death, guilt)

then at least admit your mistake and apologise to God.

Oh… so I can say it was a mistake and say sorry later?

Why shouldn’t I acknowledge that feeling we all seem to have, which intrinsically tells us that what we’re doing (or about to do) is not right.

…and just say “Sorry!” before I still go ahead and screw up anyway?

Because sometimes, I just might need (want/choose… whatever) to?

So here’s my prayer for when I do start praying:

Dear God; Please (I) forgive me (You) for not being (making me) a Better Person.


PS: I think the Buddhists might be onto something, btw. There’s no such thing as good/bad, right or wrong.

There’re things… and there are consequences.

  1. i am constantly being asked how i survive without praying? i guess the real question is how i survive without feeling guilty and psychotic about my screw ups.
    interesting blog.

    • Thank you 🙂

      … and we’re all “screw-ups”, or at the very least, the result of a screw- …

  2. Right, right! 🙂 100% All religion is developed, I believe, to help us deal with death.

  3. i really have nothing much to say other than this made me crack up and the truth of it made one dull sunday a little more worth it

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