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Dealing With Loss… and because I Don’t Have the Words…

Read This:


A friend of mine lost a loved one from his family today… and I just didn’t know what to say…

I was with him till an hour or so ago, and left only when my sitting there silently by his side – with the occasional squeeze-of-the-hand, and an even  rarer hug (when that knot of emotion seemed  to well-up too big up in our throats) – seemed inappropriate in the face of the number of relatives/friends showing up to offer condolences.

This was written by someone I was very close (but not much help) to, a few years ago…. about a man EVERY man would want to be.

I’ve put this here on my blog because you are someone who logs on EVERY single day (just to encourage me being me).. so I KNOW you’ll read this soon…


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