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The EVIL that is… Vegetarianism !!!

Ok, let me sort through my audience right here and say DO NOT BOTHER READING THIS if you are:

  • An absolutely “carnivore-tolerant”-vegetarian-by-choice…
  • A person lacking a sense of humour(tolerance/understanding/intelligence.. whatever)

…if not…


The only reason you can read this and make sense of those shiny lights on that monitor in front of you is because YOUR ANCESTORS HAD THE BALLS TO EAT MEAT!!!

We (as Homo Sapiens, all) stopped swinging on trees with our monkey brethren and grew smarter (?!?), LARGER, more adaptable and Prolific(parasitic?) a species on this planet BECAUSE we:

  1. Climbed down that tree.
  2. Tried eating new things which we hadn’t before.
  3. Discovered Fire.
  4. USED Fire for Cooking MEAT (not Moussaka or baingan-ka-bharta!!!)
  5. Learnt that we can grow bigger, stronger and smarter (and remain on top of the food chain by…) ingesting more PROTEIN!
  6. .. and now even doctors and basic biology tell us that protein helps us grow… hmmm?

In fact, the only reason you (friggin’ vegangelists!) have the freedom and “spare time” enough in life to ponder the ethicality of life surviving upon itself on this planet, is because YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF IT.

As Human Beings, biologically speaking…

Vegetarianism is EVOLUTIONARILY-REGRESSIONIST behaviour!


Now Shut the Fuck UP!

  1. Okay, I don’t like this piece, because you’re thinking with your taste buds. I have so much to say–yes, we needed meat, when survival of the fittest was merely a strength game. Now, it’s been known to cause cancer and a heap of other things. Also, I’m going to take you on on your own turf–evolution. Evolution also means outgrowing certain things–including the need for meat (and facial and pubic hair, and tailbones and appendixes). We have outgrown, socially and evolutionarily, the need to eat meat to put ourselves on top of the food chain. We’re already there. Now it’s time for us to look back in wonder, with a little respect…

    • No Baba, the only reason we Do look back and wonder on the ethicality of it all (as opposed to all other animal species on this planet) is because we’ve reached the top of the food chain and can now sit back and ponder on it…

      Life (unfortunately) DOES survive upon other life…

      and I don’t advocate “devolving” into peaceful one-celled, amoeba-like pacifist organisms who need to (literally) fuck-themselves-in-two to reproduce… Can you really get “God” (whoever She is) to say that plants DON’T feel pain? (3-4 seasonal harvests of “Life”… how cruel is That ?!?)

      You know I love my dogs as much as I do…

      but if a starving Chinese/Mongolian guy saw them as food (?)….

      I’d Feed the Mongol to the Chinese before letting them even think about it!

      Yours Hypocritically,


  2. k so i guess you’ve already been rebuked for this but however funny i found what u wrote and strangely justifying eating meat….i don’t know man…..u want protein chew on nuts (no don’t think perverted i’m talking about the edible peanuts, cashews, walnuts and all that stuff) and beans….we’d still be the superior beings…..and the way animals are slaughtered is fucked up….large corporate companies get away with ill treating them, brutal death and its hardly necessary for us to need to eat this meat…we reduce the demand for such stuff….they won’t need to supply it….more helpless lives saved……
    guess you’d bring it down to the cycle of life…..it just doesn’t seem right to slaughter sop many animals and end their life cycles to feed us who are anyway stuffed the brim…those who really need the food dont get anything anyway

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