Where I speak "your" dirty lil' mind!

Unquoted Quotes from Quotable People



“Haaaaaaaaaii !! [(now, spread your fingers and…) CLAP!!
Bhagwaan tera bhala karey (CLAP CLAP!!)
Aaj to fffraaiday hai Meri Jaan;

Jumne ka Chumha to Dede!! (CLAP CLAP!!!)
Nahin? (hmmph)…

To chhod phir (CLAP!)

Accha Sssaaeksi! Jaaney se pehle dus rupeh to detey jaa, ‘Boni’ kar dey”, [Indignant (CLAP!!!)]


(A eunuch working a traffic intersection in south Delhi)


“Why do dogs lick their own balls?”

….bacause they CAN!

Meeeee !!


“People are the way they are because of where they’ve been…”



“..you just kiss so damn well…”

someone… to Me….. !


(Yes, yes… I know. I’m a smug S.O.B.)


“Your Songs are Like your Children… Aren’t they?

You always want EVERYONE to… ‘Approve’ of Them…”

Monica Dogra (‘Shaa’ir’ of SHAA’IR + FUNC) @ a gig recently.

  1. 🙂

    This post made me smile, yo.

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